Why I Think Radar Detectors Should Be Legal in All US States

There is quite a lot of heated debate over the issue of whether radar detectors should be legal or not. Opponents of these gadgets say that people who know that they cannot be stopped for speeding will only use the opportunity to drive more recklessly. However, nothing could be further than the truth. On average, drivers who own radar detectors appear to have fewer accidents than those who don’t. For sure, there are certain drivers who just drive recklessly, but the fact that they have or do not have a radar detector does not influence their behavior as much as it is believed.

First of all, even the best radar detectors do not make your car invisible to police radars. What they do is that they signal you that there is a radar approaching. Knowing that, you will start driving slower, and this way, you are more cautious. Also, police radars are usually installed close to points of interests, at crossroads, in crowded areas, and so on. These are the areas where a traffic accident is more likely to happen than in others that are less frequented. So, the argument of those who are against radar detectors simply does not stand up.



Second of all, I have heard on multiple occasions that those who are pushing for radar detectors to be made illegal in all US states are lobbyists for insurance companies. How do these guys benefit from the ban of radar detectors? They claim that radar detectors can make drivers become more reckless when in traffic. As showed a little earlier, that is hardly the case.

Insurance companies, on the other hand, seem pretty bend on the idea that radar detectors should be banned. What could be their reason? If we only think about it a little, things become quite clear. Insurance companies need drivers to pay premium fees, and those who have been involved in traffic accidents are usually the best kind of customer for them. If a driver becomes “safer” by getting less speeding tickets and by being involved in fewer traffic accidents, the fee they will pay to the insurance company will be quite low. So, do you see where the interest of insurers lies?

Last, but not least, I think it will help make things simpler for drivers who are passing through a state where radar detectors are banned. Instead of being forced to know the legislation of every state you happen to pass through, you will be relaxed and safe, knowing that your radar detector will not become a reason for you to be charged with a crime you have not done by the police. On the long run, radar detectors can save drivers a lot of money, and because they will be involved in fewer incidents on the road, others will not have to suffer, either. All in all, it is my honest opinion that radar detectors should become legal in all US states.