What are spin cast reels


If you’re new to fishing, you may be wondering about the different reels you can find in tackle stores. The first thing you need to know about fishing reels is that they can’t be used but with the matching rod, so if you have a spincast rod, you will have to use a spincast reel, because it is the only type that can be attached to that rod.

A reel is basically a device that attaches to the end of the handle on a rod, to keep the entire line at hand and to release it gradually as you cast your lure. It also allows you to simply and safely retrieve the line while pulling the fish out of the water. All types of reels contain a spool on which the line is rolled, but the spool of a spincast reel has the advantage of being immobile, thus avoiding excessive line release, and so managing to eliminate unfortunate tangling.

Unlike baitcasting and spinning reels, the spin cast reel has a metal cover that encompasses the spool and all the elements that are visible on the other types of reel. This maintains a clean line and minimizes the risk of entanglement. The line simply exits through a small hole in the cover every time the angles pushes a thumb button.

A spin cast reel for bass fishing  is one of the easiest to use types of reel, so it is usually recommended for children and beginners in the art of fishing. It consists of a spool covered with a metal nose, a reel handle, a thumb button and a drag adjustment, and because it is so simple in its construction, this type of reel is also very cheap, so if you break it, it won’t be such a big investment loss.

One might wonder why, in the face of such ease of use and affordable price, do so many fishermen still prefer baitcasting or spinning reels. The answer is pretty simple. As simple as they are, spin cast reels cannot accommodate a sufficient quantity of line and therefore are not well suited for long casting and don’t do well with heavy fishes. Also, they are known for a certain lack of casting accuracy and may cause trouble when the time comes for retrieval.

On another note, in order to preserve the simplicity and easy usage, they are usually manufactured from different plastic materials, which have a shorter lifespan and require frequent replacement. In addition, if ever the line should tangle on the spool, the angler will have to take out the cover and then place it back, which might prove to be irritating.

As a conclusion, a spin cast reel is a great beginner tackle item, suited for small, lightweight fish, and at the same time, a great way to enjoy a fishing trip without having to constantly unwind a tangled line.