How much should I invest in a weather radio?


Believe it or not, weather radios are not what you may call a big investment. Most products have prices ranging from 20 $ to 100 $ ( more details on weather radio prices )  and will work just fine no matter how much you pay for them. Even the less expensive products are capable of transmitting weather alerts to you. However, there are significant quality differences that are related to the amount of money you pay for one. Of course, a quality product will pick up more incoming signals, will provide better sound quality and will be able to capture a signal in places where cheaper radios wouldn’t. Moreover, modern products have quite useful functions included, that may prove lifesaving in dangerous situations: they can include a built-in flashlight, double as a phone recharger for you to be able to call for help, and they may include other useful features as well, depending on the model and the manufacturer.

That is not to say you need to spend 100 $ on a radio. As technology evolves, more and more radios include additional features at smaller prices, and yet do not fail to deliver high quality. Looking from another perspective, additional features installed on a weather radio will surely consume more energy and, in case of a prolonged power outage, you need to keep your weather radio functioning to find out if the weather conditions worsen or improve. It is recommendable that you buy an energy saving device or one that supports at least 4 batteries, thus lasting longer. Top products can be equipped with a hand-crank power generator or, even if running on batteries they will last up to 200 hours using only the backup energy.

The most expensive products you will find in this category will enable you to receive any types of alarm (tornado, fires, severe rain, floods, etc.), will be able to memorize more than 20 SAME codes for various regions and will work at fast rates, intercepting signals right away even on really bad weather (which is when you need it the most). In case you don’t hear the sound alarm, your radio will use light alerts as well, to ensure the alerts doesn’t pass unnoticed.

If you do decide to acquire a pricey product, it is recommended that you buy one from well-reputed manufacturers that will not only offer products including all the necessary functions, but will also build their products with high-quality materials and technology.