Kendal FBD1023 review

I absolutely adore foot spas and I can easily see myself having a warm bath every single night, though I don’t always have time for one. I used to prepare my foot massager at home, using a normal wash basin and warm water and pedicure my nails during the bath. I’ve always wanted to buy a foot spa machine, to see if these products are indeed worth buying and if they are able to offer more than my simple bath, as everybody says. It wasn’t an easy choice, as it is really unbelievable how many options there are available for sale on the internet.

However, the Kendal FBD1023 has caught my eye from the first moment I saw it, as it looked like a really high-quality product (compared to many others I have seen), so I’ve decided to give it a closer look. I was amazed by all the functions it offered and I’ve decided to buy it and try it. In addition, I’ve read many positive reviews regarding the quality of the product, and the overall quality of the products offered by Kendal. So, here’s what I most appreciate at it and why I consider myself a happy buyer after a couple of months of use.

The product includes various controls that enable you to use it according to your individual preferences. My personal favorite is the time setting. When you get the machine, it comes with a default 20 minutes spa duration, but you can set it to work for intervals between 5 or 60 minutes.

When you receive the package, you will also find the instruction manual that will help you assess the capabilities offered by this product. The temperature can be adjusted from 20 degrees C to 48, so, even those who prefer hot baths will be fully satisfied with the heating possibilities. To maintain and heat water, the product uses a PTC heating semiconductor and multi-insulation. You’ll notice that the light temperature indicator changes color from blue to red when the temperature reaches 43 degrees.

This foot bath machine also provides various types of massage: oxygen bubble massage, water wave and waterfall massage, motorized rolling massage devices and trigger points massage. All these in one single product. Moreover, this foot spa includes an air function to dry your feet at the end of your bath and, though you can easily use a towel instead, there’s nothing like the feeling of air drying your feet softly. Certainly, you don’t have to use all the massage functions at once, but choose the ones you like, excluding the bubbles and vibrations that are activated by the same button.

It is obvious that this foot bath machine is made with outstanding quality materials, the reinforced durable plastic of the basin ensures you will be using it for a long time without any inconveniences. The splashguard yields the same quality, as it is strongly built and won’t crack even if you trip over it or drop the product on a hard surface.