Why I chose a battery backup sump pump

Rainstorms are quite a common thing in the area I live. This is the reason I had to choose a sump pump right after purchasing the house. I couldn’t think of a single reason for avoiding getting this type of product, as it would save me a lot of dollars that I’d have to spend on repairing the cellar. Soon enough, I came to the realization that I had two options. I could buy a simple electric sump pump or I could opt for such a unit and a battery backup sump pump. The first has a lot of advantages in that it might not lack performance, and maybe it even doesn’t make all that much noise. It’s rather easy to install and gets the job done no muss no fuss, but it does have a problem. In the eventuality of a blackout, it’s useless.

Since rainstorms tend to be a bit rough on electricity, I decided to choose a battery backup sump pump as well as a main unit. This way, the base model will raise up to par under normal circumstances and the backup will do what it’s supposed to do if there’s any power failure. The first thing that I noticed was that pumps that came with a backup were less affordable compared to their regular counterparts. Even so, I was willing to spend a pretty penny on such a system so I could sleep well at night.

Most battery backup sump pumps can be used with deep-cycle marine batteries ( more details on this subject), but I have to emphasize that you should not try to use any other kind as it’s probably not a good idea. For one, it might not be compatible with the rest of the system. Second, it probably doesn’t even have enough power. The neat thing about this type of ensemble is the fact that it’s kept charged by a separate electric charger at all times, and so the battery almost never risks failing. Obviously, some problems might occur over time, when you’ve used the sump pump for a decade or so. Not all batteries are created the same, just like not all of these units are worth your time and effort.

Another thing that I have to point out is that, if you’re prepared to invest in a good-quality alternative, it’s going to cost you. Most of the models I stumbled upon while prospecting the market were priced anywhere between three hundred and five hundred dollars, and some of these units are even more expensive. Regardless of the model you’ll end up choosing, my personal recommendation is to choose a battery backup sump pump over a regular one as it can take safety to a whole new level. Plus, the installation of most of these machines is a breeze.